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Are you readyforIELTS.com?

Free IELTS Advice

Video 1

What is IELTS? How can I study for IELTS? IELTS Academic or General?
In this tutorial video, GV Toronto’s www.readyforIELTS.com gives you information you need before taking the IELTS test.

Video 2

What happens on IELTS test day? How can I study for IELTS Listening?
This tutorial video from GV Toronto and www.readyforIELTS.com will show you what the IELTS Listening test looks like and give you some valuable advice on how to do well.

Video 3

What are the tricks on the IELTS Reading Test? How can I get a better IELTS Reading score?
In this tutorial, GV Toronto and www.readyforIELTS.com offer help with the IELTS Reading Test.

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