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Are you readyforIELTS.com?

Free IELTS seminar

Global Village Toronto, 180 Bloor Street West, 2nd floor

Come and learn about the IELTS Test from the IELTS experts. In this seminar, we will cover:

• What do I have to do in the IELTS Test?
• How much time do I have for each part of the test?
• How is the test scored?
• How can I improve my score in each part?
• How do I avoid mistakes?
• What are the ways to prepare for IELTS?

All these questions and more will be answered. There will also be some time for you to ask specific questions about any part of the test. The seminar will last approximately 90 minutes.

Global Village Toronto 180 Bloor, 2nd floor Phone: +1 416 968 1405 Toronto@gvenglish.com