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Previous IELTS Score:

What GV course did you study?

Who was your teacher?

How long did you study?

New IELTS Score

What did you use your IELTS score for?

What goal will you achieve with this result?

Tell us about your experience with your Global Village IELTS Preparation Course. How did it help you with the IELTS test?

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Global Village Toronto staff will review all complete submissions and choose one winner per month based on the impact of the success story. The winner will win a gift card and GV prize.

Even if I do not win, I hereby give permission to Global Village Toronto to use the above information and attached photo in full or in part for web and print promotions. I also give permission to Global Village Toronto Exams Inc. to release my IELTS test results to Global Village Toronto in order to verify my IELTS scores. By agreeing below I confirm that all information I have written above is true and accurate.

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